ok Two Punks Talking Trash About the Lacey Brothers – 两个朋克谈垃圾关于莱西兄弟 | Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut Martial Arts Kung Fu Academy
Two Punks Talking Trash About the Lacey Brothers – 两个朋克谈垃圾关于莱西兄弟

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One of our students was at his birthday party when two big mouth punks started to show off by bragging how tough they were and talking bad about me and my brother. According to some eye witnesses, the bigger of the two was seen ripping out a parking meter outside a nightclub! Anyway, our student heard them say, “The Lacey brothers only pick on people that can’t fight. Why don’t they pick on us? They can’t even fight themselves out of a wet paper bag!” So, our student asked them, “Do you want me to deliver your message to them?” That’s when one said, “Sure, go ahead. We’re not scared of them!” When this got to our ears, we decided to go look for them.

We found out that the bigger guy (both Chinese) lived in an apartment at Victoria Park. My brother (with a knife in his pocket) decided to pay him a visit. When he knocked on the door, a guy opened up and my brother asked him, “Are you ________ Leung?” The guys said no and reckoned that was his cousin. After some conversation, my brother commented, “You looked like the description,” and he nervously denied it. So, my brother decided to leave and told him to tell his cousin that we’re looking for him; and headed back to our kwoon (school) downtown.

An hour later, a Chinese guy (mutual friend) came to our kwoon on behalf of that Leung guy and said that he was actually the right guy. He also told us that the guy was still shaking when he left his apartment. He confessed that he was sent to negotiate and would like to arrange to talk things over that evening at the Sheraton Hotel. My brother went to meet him and made an arrangement for him to take us out for lunch to officially admit his wrong doing (the traditional Chinese way of settling a dispute, etc.); and by offering us Chinese tea. We met at a Chinese restaurant and sat down for an enjoyable lunch after a brief talk – everything was then settled and forgiven, but there was still his big mouth friend to deal with!

Some months later, I was watching a Kung Fu movie (every Sunday evening) and was seated at the very back row where the main entrance was – that way I could see everyone coming in the theater. All of a sudden, my brother said, “That’s they guy,” (with the big mouth) – he was with his girlfriend. I got out of my seat and confronted him by saying, “I want to see you outside.” As we exited the theater lobby, I had already taken off my watch. When we got outside, I said to this tough guy, “I got your message.” He acted dumb by pretending he didn’t know anything, etc. Then I slapped him to refresh his memory – “You said that we only pick on people that can’t fight – that we should pick on you instead. You stated we can’t fight our way out of a wet paper bag!” He again denied having said anything. I preceded to bang his head on the wall in hopes that he would retaliate, so I could teach him a lesson. “You reckon you’re a black belt, etc. Let’s see what you can do!” He the said, “Well, what do you want me to do?” I told him, “Gwie di kow tao,” (Get on your knees and bow to me) and he immediately fell down to his knees. I warned him, “Don’t ever let me catch you talking shit again!” Someone told me later that he reckoned next time he will use his spear gun on me! Lord, have mercy – ain’t safe to go out anymore!

Grandmaster Vince Lacey


我们发现,更大的家伙(包括中国)住在在维多利亚公园的公寓。我弟弟(在他的口袋里刀)决定拜访他。当他敲门,一个人打开了,我的哥哥问他,“你是________梁?”这些家伙说没有,估计,是他的表妹。经过一番交谈,我的哥哥说:“你长得很像的描述,”他紧张地予以否认。所以,我的哥哥决定离开,并告诉他,告诉他的表哥,我们正在找他; ,回到我们的武馆(校)市中心。

一个小时后,一个中国小伙(共同的朋友)来到了我们的代表是梁家伙冠忠,说他其实是正确的人。他还告诉我们,当他离开他的公寓的家伙还在发抖。他交代说,他被送到谈判,并想安排洽谈当晚喜来登酒店的东西。我弟弟去迎接他,使他带我们出去吃午饭,正式承认自己的错误行为(中国传统的解决争端等方式)的安排;并为我们提供中国茶。我们遇到了在一家中国餐馆,并经过短暂的谈话坐下一个愉快的午餐 – 那么一切搞定和原谅,但仍然有他的大嘴巴的朋友来处理!

几个月后,我在看功夫电影(逢周日晚上),并在非常后排那里的正门是坐在 – 这样我可以看到每个人都在剧院即将到来。突然,我的弟弟说,“这是他们的人,”(与大嘴巴) – 他与他的女朋友。我离开了我的座位,并说,他面对“我想外面见到你。”当我们离开剧院大堂,我已经起飞了我的手表。当我们外面,我这个硬汉说,“我得到了你的消息。”他的举动假装他不知道任何事情,等哑然后我打了他恢复记忆 – “你说,我们只对人不能打挑 – 我们应该对你选择,而不是你说我们能“T打我们的出路湿纸袋!”他再次否认说什么。我之前的拍起了墙上头,希望他会报复,所以我可以给他一个教训。 “你认为你是一个黑色带等让我们看看你能做些什么!”他在说:“嗯,你要我做什么?”我告诉他,“Gwie迪叩头道,”(获取你的膝盖和弓给我),他马上跌下来他的膝盖。我警告他,“永远不要让我再看到你说话狗屎!”有人后来告诉我,他估摸,下回他会用他的鱼枪给我!求主怜悯 – 是不是安全了出去!