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Tribute to Sifu Kong Hing – 悼念私服港兴

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My Sifu did not teach me any Kuen Sets (Forms); instead he concentrated more on self-defense, as my brother and I had problems with the Kowloon Tong, the Tsim Sha Tsui Portuguese gangs, and the Wing Chun clan. He taught me the Gwa, Sau, Pau, Been Chui, and, of course, the famous “Leen Wahn Charp Choi” of Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut. The “Tau Lau” charp chui, low shin kick and the double scissors kick to the groin were among the most deadly techniques I learned from Master Kong Hing.

During all this time, Sifu Kong Hing never once mentioned tuition fees, never asked for any favors in return, and never expected me to pay for both of us when we went out for Yum Cha. He did not require that I address him as Sifu, nor did he ever put on any airs of authority or arrogance. Sifu Kong Hing always treated me more like a brother, and he understood my poor background and that I was still attending high school. He was always there for me and my brother, even if this meant going against his father’s wishes and traditions.

Soon after we started training, Kong Hing got a job near his place polishing jade. Around this same time, my family had to move from our apartment, as it was being demolished. My mother found a room at an apartment in Kowloon City, near the airport. Shortly after our move, my Sifu Kong Hing moved out to the Hung Hum district, and he got a job at the Abattoir (slaughterhouse).

During my last year in Hong Kong, I saw less of my two Sifu’s due to their jobs and time commitments. I was living very near the notorious crime area known as “Wall City”, an area that even police didn’t venture into! It was rumored that once you went in, you may never come out! This area was well known for its “Triad” (secret society) activities, which included political corruption, extortion, prostitution, gambling, and opium dens.

Many nights I used to walk on the back road near the airport to my Sifu’s place in Hung Hum, which was about two and a half miles away. Often, my trip was in vain, as I would find Kong Hing was on-shift working at the Abattoir, a few blocks from where he lived. You could sense the “smell of death” in the air and hear the pigs squealing in their last moments of life.

Sometimes, I was lucky enough to catch him at home, only to find him in a state of exhaustion from a hard days work; his trousers and long rubber boots covered and stained with blood from the slaughterhouse. My heart felt very sad to see him in this condition, and for this reason I was hesitant to ask him to train me. Often, we would just go downstairs to grab something to eat, so he could get some rest.

One can well imagine what the scene was like inside the Abattoir and how hard the work was for anyone working there. Sifu told me that when the pigs smell the blood, they panic and try frantically to escape. He would have to chase and wrestle them down while stabbing them in the throat or belly. This experience, during this crucial time of his life, helped turn his life around for the better and I know he became a much stronger and better person because of it. It took almost 20 years before things started to look up for Kong Hing. During this same period, I was trying to survive in Australia.

Some nights when I went to visit, he would unselfishly offer to show me some techniqures, or we would spar for a while on the rooftop; the only light was from the neon signs hanging on the surrounding buildings. From all of this, you can see that my Sifu Kong Hing was a humble, unselfish, and righteous man, unlike no other I have known. He was a real hero and did not boast about himself or seek publicity. His deeds could easily be paralleled to that of our Great Grandmaster, Tarm Sarm (Tam Sam).

Not long after this period in the early part of 1962, I was preparing to immigrate to Australia. This was a sad and unforgettable time in my life; having to leave my hometown, my friends, my two Sifu’s, and my fiancé of four years to start a new life in a new country that I knew little about.

– Grandmaster Lacey

Sifu Kong Hing, Hong Kong 1968

我的师傅没有教我任何权集(表格);相反,他更多地集中在自卫,因为我的哥哥和我有九龙塘,尖沙咀葡萄牙团伙,和咏春拳氏族问题。他教我的GWA,秀,加索尔,去过翠,当然,著名的北区星蔡莱笏的“利恩Wahn CHARP财”。在“牛头刘”CHARP翠,低踢小腿和双剪刀踢腹股沟是最致命的技术,我从康师傅兴了解到之一。







有些晚上,当我去参观,他会无私地提供给我展示一些techniqures,或者我们会晶石在屋顶片刻;唯一的光线来自霓虹灯挂在周围的建筑。从所有这一切,你可以看到我的私服港兴是一个谦逊,无私和正直的人,不像没有其他我所知道的。他是一个真正的英雄,并没有吹嘘自己或寻求宣传。他的事迹可以很容易地并联以我们伟大的棋手,TARM SARM(TAM SAM)的。


– 莱西宗师