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The Sixth Black Panther

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While Grandmaster Vince Lacey (Lay Wing Sung) has enjoyed all the e-mails and guestbook entries that his website has produced, he has felt compelled to respond to a certain guestbook entry regarding his personal opinion that Sifu Shane Lacey is deserving of the title “The Sixth Black Panther of Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut”.

The following guestbook entry was received on April 9, 2002 from a ‘Jack Bonsder’, who has used a bogus e-mail return address. Being unable to reply directly to this person, Grandmaster Lacey has decided to put it up for all to see.
4/9/2002 – 7:47 AM
Name: Jack Bonsder
Email: jackieb@yahoo.com
Site: http://
Location: , ,
Comments: It takes a lot to be called the “sixth black panther” personally i don’t think shane lacey is at that stage yet. To my knowledge, i have never heard of shane winning any full contact no rules barred tournaments. There are many great fighters of choy li fut. The Lee Koon Hung Hung Sing Choy li Fut has produced many great fighters. other than that…..great website

To Jack (the mysterious e-mail phantom)

Sounds like you’re another one of those typical disgruntled junior members (Lee Siu Hung Kwoon?) who is trying to get some attention in the Choy Lay Fut fraternity.

Sorry that you were offended by my personal feeling that Shane deserves the title of the Sixth Black Panther, etc., etc. I guess you must have been around longer than my forty-four years in Kung Fu (Choy Lay Fut) and you are fully qualified to lodge your expert opinion. You mentioned “personally I don’t think Shane Lacey is at that stage yet” – what stage are you referring to? He was the undefeated “Four Star International Grand Champion” from 1988 to 1993 and won numerous other titles. He is well respected in the Martial Arts circle. His so-called “NO HOLDS BARRED” full contact fights are not in the ring but all private “Gong Sau” matches. He has proved and made his mark in the Martial Arts circle already. He doesn’t need to prove himself – only you and others like you need to. One day maybe we can all look back and acknowledge with appreciation your contribution to Choy Lay Fut.

I have devoted two-thirds of my life to Choy Lay Fut and have come to know many of the Choy Lay Fut Masters, including your Si-Gung, Lee Kwon Hung, (since 1961) and I am aware of his reputation, good or otherwise, as he was of my two Sifu’s. I am very aware of the conflicts, jealousy and bickering among the different factions, etc..

There are two type of Masters or students – those who contribute, continuing the path in the way of the Choy Lay Fut legacy and then there are those who do nothing. They have ceased training a long time ago – they just sit back and bitch about others. Even the most senior members in the Choy lay Fut Fraternity have their faults – I do not wish to comment on this.

Maybe you and some of your colleagues are eligible to qualify for candidates for the “Sixth Black Panther”. Remember, all the Five Black Panthers are from the Buk Sing Branch. Let me know if you or anyone else decide to compete for that title – if you prove worthy, I’ll give you my vote!

Yes, you’re right, it does take a lot to be considered the Sixth Black Panther – anyways, that was only my own personal opinion. True, there are many great fighters and exponents of Choy Lay Fut and everyone had a chance to prove it – that is why Shane was voted four times in a role as the Four Star International Grand Champion by his peers. It was a pity you did not compete, maybe you could have won instead!? Maybe one day the Hung Sing branch will produce their own.

Best of luck – hope you managed to learn something from my web site. Give my regards to Master Lee Siu Hung.
By the way, Sifu Shane is a MUCH better Martial Artist than myself!!
One of the Black Panthers,
Vince Lacey (Lay Wing Sung)



The following guestbook entries were from a long time student of Grandmaster Lacey’s and a personal friend and brother in Kung Fu of Sifu Shane Lacey.

Date : 4/12/2002
Time : 12:48 AM
Name : Student
Email : Buk
Web Site : http://Sing
Location : Choy , Lay , Fut
Comments : Jack Bonsder…..not a smart idea to be dissin Shane like that. Better hope that’s not your real name…. or meet Shane.

Date : 4/12/2002
Time : 3:38 AM
Name : A Chen
Email : noname@anywhere.com
Web Site : http://
Location : Davis, CA,
Comments : I don’t think you know all the facts Jack Bonsder. Shane has been through a lot of Gong Sau matches many of which has no gloves and total usage of any fighting technique. I think these wins are at least as challenging as profession tournaments if not more because all tournaments have rules, at least legit ones. Another topic I like to address, what’s your point in mentioning another kwoon? Are you some @$$ who wants to instigate trifle between the branches of CLF? If so, go away moron because we CLF practitioners carry enough respect for one another to not let a little idiot like you try to break up the family. In fact, if you think Shane is nothing, why don’t you come over, and let’s settle this by “speaking with fists.”
As to the Lacey family, good page, and I’ll visit you sometime soon and help complete the transfer the rest of the Buk Sil Lum forms from Lai Hung’s school. Peace.

Date : 4/12/2002
Time : 3:41 AM
Name : A Chen
Email : noname@anywhere.com
Web Site : http://
Location : Davis, CA,
Comments : having Shane “speak with fists” as Gong sau translates to.
On other topics, good page! I’ll be visiting you Laceys sometime soon, hopefully. Until then, I’ll continue learning the Buk Sil Lum forms from Si-gong Lai Hung and help pass the them on to the younger students! Peace.

Date : 5/1/2002
Time : 10:18 PM
Name : Sifu Frank Mccarthy
Email : sifufrank@hotmail.com
Web Site : http://hungsing.com
Location : san francisco/oakland, ca, hung sing usa
Comments : I feel that if sifu v lacey feels that his son totally deserves the title of the 6th panther then it is up to him to bestowe that title upon him.

gong sau or taking it to the streets is the real proving ground. i have heard about shanes feats. i have seen him fight. he is strong.

to shane and sifu v lacey, you don’t have to justify your decision to anyone. if you feel shane deserves that title, then hold a ceremony and invite us to go. i would love to be part of that ceremony.

sifu frank mccarthy
hung sing kwoon-sf