ok The Phony Shaolin Monk Imposter Begs for Mercy – 该假少林和尚冒名顶替者求饶 | Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut Martial Arts Kung Fu Academy
The Phony Shaolin Monk Imposter Begs for Mercy – 该假少林和尚冒名顶替者求饶

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During the summer of 1974, there were rumors around town of a man wearing black kung fu clothes claiming to be a Shaolin monk. He claimed he was a monk and had been in the Shaolin Temple for a period of eighteen years. Since he had a shaved head, nearly everyone was taken in by his story. This person impressed everyone and many bought him drinks in the pub. He was even telling people that he knew Master Lay Wing Sung and that he was the one who had given Master Lay all the weapon that were seen at his school. He boldly claimed that he had defeated Master Lay sparring on the wooden “Mui Fa Jong” Piling (Plum Blossom Wooden Pile) and that Master Lay Wing Sung had to bow to him every time he visited his school!

It was purely by chance that Master Lay found that this imposter was the same person that was responsible for breaking into his school several months earlier. Master Lay was enraged when he learned the truth about this imposter. So he sent several of his students, who knew the “monk”, to entice him to come to the school under the pretense of some sparring and demonstrations. Sure enough, in about an hour and a half’s time, the so-called Shaolin monk came strolling up the staircase, bald as a baby’s ass! As soon as he entered the school, Master Lay ordered, “Shut all the doors!” Master Lay then pointed and shouted out to the imposter, “You bloody bald headed bastard! So you’re the one who stole the weapons and my kung fu clothes!”

The imposter was shocked and tried to deny any knowledge of Master Lay’s accusations. Again, Master Lay shouted at him, “So, you’re the one claiming to be a monk trained in the Shaolin Temple for eighteen years and defeated me on the Mui Fa Jong!” (The Mui Fa Jong is a set of five or more wooden logs, six to seven inches in diameter, planted in the ground about two to four feet above). Again, the imposter acted surprised and pretended to know nothing about any of this. Pressing the imposter, Master Lay said to him, “You learned eighteen years in the Shaolin Temple. Come on, show me what you know!” When the imposter declined to spar, Master Lay hit him in the groin with his right “Pau Chui” (uppercut), laying the imposter out and screaming in pain. He tried to reason with Master Lay, saying, “Please, please, let me explain!”

“What’s to explain?” Master Lay replied and proceeded to punch the imposter, who started to run for his life with Master Lay yelling and chasing him around the room. At this point, Master Lay said to the imposter, “If you don’t want to fight me, fight my student!” Master Lay turned to his student and said, “you better do a good job or I’ll have to finish him!” The fight didn’t last very long; the imposter was knocked to the floor and had blood coming from his left ear. Seeing this, Master Lay stopped the fight and, with a sword in his hand, turned to the loser and shouted, “Get down on your knees, “Kow-Tau” (a low, almost prostrate bow), and apologize before I chop your bloody head off!”

Fearing for his life, the young man went down to his knees and apologized. By this time, because of all the shouting and swearing, the neighborhood stores had called the police. The police arrived and rushed up the stairs to find a man with his yellow tank top stained in blood! When they demanded to know what had happened, Master Lay’s brother replied, “We were just having a friendly sparring match!” Master Lay then told the two officers the true story and, amazingly, they left without taking down any statement. Master Lay turned to the imposter as the police departed and told him, “You better go right now and return tonight with my stolen property or you know what’s going to happen to you!” Much to Master Lay’s surprise, the main never returned and Master Lay planned to teach him another lesson. So on Saturday morning, just a few days after the episode in the school, Master Lay decided to go looking for him at the pub. While walking down the main street toward the pub, Master Lay turned the corner and ran right into the bastard and his friend. Enraged, Master Lay grabbed him by the throat and said, “I’ve been looking for you, you bastard!”

The bald imposter was surprised, as he certainly had not expected to run into Master Lay. The imposter’s friend tried to intervene by saying, “Hey, don’t start anything here!” Master Lay looked at him and replied, “You shut up or you’ll regret it, punk!” This Saturday morning the streets were filled with shoppers and Master Lay had noticed a police car some one hundred and twenty feet away near the intersection crosswalk. Master Lay grabbed a handful of the imposter’s shirt and, fearing he night try to make a run for it, dragged him to the police car. Master Lay explained to the officer that he was making a citizens arrest and related to him how the imposter had broken into his school and stolen equipment and clothes. The bald man tried to deny these accusations, so Master Lay suggested to the officer that they go to the imposter residence and look for the stolen items. The officer locked the culprit into the back of the police car and, with Master Lay in the front, they proceeded to the man’s house.

Upon arrival and entry into the man’s room, Master Lay immediately noticed his stolen kung fu clothing and turning to the thief he said, “Where is the rest of my property?” The man pretended to be ignorant of any other items by saying there was nothing else in his possession. The officer, realizing the man was lying, turned to him and said rather bluntly, “If you don’t produce the rest of the stolen property, I will leave the room and let him (Master Lay) find out the truth!” After a search of the man’s room, a few additional items were recovered and the officer took the imposter off to jail.



冒名顶替者感到震惊,并试图否认师父莱的指控的任何知识。此外,莱师傅喊了他一眼,“这么说,你是一个自称在少林寺训练的十八年出家,并击败了我的梅姐发容!” (将MUI发钟是一组五个或更多木原木,六,七英寸直径,栽在地面大约两到四英尺以上)。同样,冒名顶替者采取行动感到惊讶,假装什么都不知道任何有关这。按下冒名顶替者,法师居士对他说,“你们在少林寺学十八年来,告诉我你知道什么!”当冒名顶替者拒绝晶石,总纲击中了他与他的权利“保罗翠”(勾拳)腹股沟,铺设出冒名顶替者和呼天抢地。他试图辩解与总纲,说:“拜托,拜托,让我解释一下!”