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Adult Kung Fu

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Learn The Secret To Getting Into Great Shape,
Reducing Stress, Staying Motivated, Focused And
Defending Yourself In Any Situation…
Through Chinese Martial Arts.

At the Buk Sing Choy La Fut Kung Fu Academy we believe that developing and
maintaining a sound body and mind are critical to getting the most out of life.

In your Adult Kung Fu program you will experience:

1. Achievable Energy-Giving Fitness

 We cover all the major areas of fitness.  Muscle strength, stamina, balance, coordination, flexibility and reactions. And we do it at a pace at which you are comfortable. We will establish a level of fitness and comfortably, one that you will stay with for the rest of your life so that you never get out of shape.

2. A Modern Approach to Self-Defence

Our techniques are based on centuries-old knowledge, application of that knowledge sets this Academy apart from other schools. We teach self-defence techniques you could use if you were in a confronting or threatening situation. Your instincts will sharpen and you will have a heightened awareness about how to recognise potential danger and avoid the trauma of having to physically defend yourself in the first place. You work on body language characteristics that communicate two things,
1) “I am not the type of person who looks for trouble”
2) “I am not a person you can push around”

3. Lifestyle

This is the part where you develop and enhance your personal skills – your personal control, your self-confidence, your positive thinking, courage, perseverance, ability to focus your attention on goals that are significant to you, and your ability to follow through. These are skills that empower you academically, professionally and socially to just operate on a higher level.

The best reason for starting Kung Fu is your own, so whatever motivation you have

for getting started you’ll find our team ready and willing to help you attain your goals.

At the Chinese Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy, our instructors are personally selected for
their martial arts skill and for their ability to effectively communicate

their knowledge and understanding to students of all ages.

We know that each student has different goals and strive to help you reach yours.
As you can see there are many great reasons to get involved in our program but the
many benefits you will derive don’t start happening until you ACT!

Today is always a great day to take charge of your health and fitness!