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Here at the Buk Sing Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Academy, we bring the ancient proven and elusive form of martial arts in Choy Lay Fut to everyone. This includes people who want to get fit, learn self defense or all the way to immersing themselves in this wonderful art.

These masters have received their knowledge past down through direct descendant family over thousands of years. We take Choy Lay Fut and martial arts as a lifestyle, not just an art form. And we bring it to you in the most simplest and effective way. We will take you from absolute beginner to as far as you could imagine yourself being.

The classes you join are practical, enjoyable and are structured for the age and time that we live in today just for you.

How do the lessons work?
1) One of your instructors will have a chat with you about your goals and answer any questions that you may have about getting started at the Academy.

2) Start into the regular classes. Come to class 10 minutes early to settle and get ready.

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